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Parents have so many choices when planning for their child’s summer. Going to a weight loss camp could be a good option for your kid, especially if he’s obese. There are many weight loss camps around the United States! So you have to make sure you select the right option for your kid.

When it comes to camp itself, there some elements you should consideration when choosing the best camp for you, including, cost, age, duration, location and accommodation. Some camps could last for one week, while others could lust for a few weeks.

However, you have to bear in mind that the longer you stay at camp, the better results you achieve. 


Concerning location, fat camps can be located in forests and mountains while other camps could be a beach side resort location. Price will be significant in this case.

Now talking about price, fat camps are generally expensive. However, cost is set on the base of services quality provided such as, activities, food, equipment, supplies, length of the camp, cleaning and maintenance, and other services.

One of the best weight loss camps in the United States is Camp Shane. It is probably the oldest weight loss camp in USA and it is known for its amazing program that gives campers the skills they may need for a healthier life.

It is not like other fat camps that restrict campers to a strict diet, and demand activity. Camp Shane offers various thrilling activities and it provides a friendly atmosphere to make them feel more comfortable and thus give better performance. It also provides courses about significance of weight management. The program adopted by Camp Shane is directed by experts in adolescent and young adult weight management.

Attendees will achieve excellent results in the long-term if they commit to the program and follow the instructions given by experts. So commitment is pretty important to get good results.

Going to a fat camp is a great idea to spend, especially for kids. Parents don’t have to worry about their children since they’ll be in safe hands. The staff of experts working in weight lost camps is usually composed of f professionals in the field of nutrition, naturopaths, psychology, camp leaders etc…

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